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The Antenors
The Antenors
Acrylic on Canvas
13" x 13"

When the Supreme Court voted to upend the Roe v. Wade decision, I lay in bed disgusted and angry. I wondered where Dante might have placed those Justices who voted against women's rights to healthcare, and dominion over their own bodies. Researching it a bit, I found that they would be cast into the 2nd Round of the frozen 9th Circle of Hell. There are found the Antenors (named for the Trojan soldier who opened the gate of Troy to the Greek's Trojan horse); those who are traitors to their country and it's citizens. The Antenors are buried up to their necks in ice. The little demon, influenced by Brueghel, is there to torture them further. 'The Antenors' was accepted into 'Tell it Slant', a 2022 national exhibition of political art with wit, at Cade Art Gallery in Arnold, Maryland.